Damien Storm

Software Developer ▪️ Application Expert ▪️ Team Leader

Career Summary

Accomplished application architect with expertise across the entire SDLC, from ideation and product planning to quality assurance and environment maintenance. Aids stakeholders in clarifying business goals while passionately advocating for the end-user experience and helping dev teams maintain focus on priorities. Experienced, empathetic leader with exceptional communication skills. Creates processes and environments that assure company-wide success while accounting for the needs of every team member. Assembles outstanding teams to build first-class software.

Looking for a role that:

  • Helps define and execute a vision for a product from a high level.
  • Builds high-functioning and happy teams.
  • Establishes precise and efficient processes to help team members succeed.
  • Works on a product focused on education, social improvement, or the arts.
  • Works in the DevOps space with Docker and container technology.
  • Works with Ruby
  • Creates intuitive interfaces that users enjoy

Work Experience

Product Owner

Aug 2021 - Dec 2022

Responsible for re-designing and re-architecting the WeaveUp software platform to meet the needs of a new business strategy. Led product planning with stakeholders and served as the point of contact for developers building new features. Held weekly meetings with clients to gather requirements and coordinate feature prioritization.


  • Created and maintained a product backlog that outlined planned features and delivery priorities for all clients in the new platform.
  • Designed application mockups to facilitate stakeholder discussion, address UX needs, and provide reference to the development team.
  • Partnered with Project Manager to implement bi-weekly sprints with the development team and manage sprint ceremonies, including daily stand-ups, reviews, planning, and retrospectives.
  • Used workflow analysis of business and development processes to implement optimizations that decreased time-to-value, increased company productivity, and boosted team member satisfaction.
  • Assembled and managed a high-performing, cross-functional team of stakeholders, designers, and developers.
  • Successful delivery of the new platform resulted in JOANN Fabrics acquiring WeaveUp in March of 2022.

DevOps Support

Dec 2017 - Aug 2021

Provided auxiliary support for all DevOps processes and assisted with planning for all digital architecture. On call for critical deployments, aided with maintaining existing infrastructure, and managed CI/CD pipelines.


  • Assisted with migrating all existing WeaveUp applications from legacy standalone apps to modernized containers.
  • Deployed and managed a Jenkins instance on GCP to run all CI/CD pipelines and aided in migrating those pipelines to Buildkite EC2 instances hosted on AWS.
  • Partnered with the Director of Engineering on planning and executing the conversion of legacy infrastructure to a fully documented, infrastructure-as-code deployment of Kubernetes with metrics, monitoring, and alerting.
  • Participated in the design and application of a disaster recovery plan that, in the event of a regional disaster, allowed the operations team to recreate all services in a different region within a few hours.
  • Planned and executed multiple migrations of all project data across several project management platforms with varied APIs and data structures.

Lead QA Engineer

Dec 2015 - Aug 2021

Joined as a founding member of WeaveUp and the sole QA, responsible for testing all applications and new features. Coordinated with business and engineering teams to ensure high-quality requirements for application features and updates. Created and maintained an automated regression suite of over 300 tests using Ruby, Cucumber, PageObject, and Watir/Selenium.


  • Migrated all regression testing into CI with separate pipelines for each application under test to improve visibility and reaction time.
  • Restructured regression tests to execute in parallel using a self-hosted Selenium Grid instance that reduced run times by 800% and provided developers with more timely feedback.
  • Created a visual regression suite with custom image processing to catch issues undetectable by programmatic tests.
  • Grew and managed the QA team, provided test strategy guidance, and reviewed team member PRs.

QA Automation Engineer

Orasi Software
Sep 2012 - Nov 2015

Developed automated tests from manual steps and software requirements provided by clients. Created frameworks to manage test data and execution flows. Served as technical lead on multiple projects, responsible for designing and reviewing codebases produced by team members.


  • Enhanced automated regression executions to reduce regression preparation time from hours to minutes.
  • Created software tools to analyze and optimize project codebases that reduced regression execution time by 20%
  • Provided test data analysis to avoid duplication issues and maintain data integrity.

Skills & Tools

Software Development





          • Bachelor of Music in Music Education
            University of North Carolina - Greensboro